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feat(posts:20210719):notable public keys book
fix(posts:20210629):Add link to Big Lumber USA listing spage
feat(posts:20210629):Big Lumber PGP key listing
chore(posts):sed replace link (https -> http)
feat(posts:20210629):blog post about devoe thermo textbook
chore(posts:20210618):Add updated PDF link to glyph hunt article
chore(posts:20210618):Update PDF link
chore(posts:20210618):Update PDF link
feat(posts:20210618):Link to Hunt for Dashed Vertical Bar article
feat(posts:20210614):Add link to bonneville dam photo page
fix(posts:20210607:kyoani arson wiki edit):capitalisation
new(posts:20210607:kyoani arson wiki edit)
new(posts:20210310:freedombox_radicale):my personal caldav calendar
chore( template with easier date access
update(posts:20190815:hancke-kuhn_dbp):Link to TeXmacs version
fix(posts:20210309:personal_text_logger):Fix whitespace
fix(exec:css):Apply current bktei_stanford css
fix(exec:css:bktei_stanford):Fix RecentChanges page style
feat(exec:css):Add blog stylesheet 'bktei_stanford_dark'
feat(exec:css):Add ikiwiki css sheets
Also renamed 'REFERENCE' directory 'ref'
new(posts:20210309:personal_text_logger):blog post
fix(posts:20210308:ff_lyrics):Fix PDF link error
feat(sidebar):Add texmacs articles link
new(posts:20210308:ff_pray_lyrics_texmacs):New post
fix(posts:20210304:texmacs):Fix image link
fix(posts:20210304:texmacs):Fix image link
fix(REFERENCE/ path in image URL example
update(posts/20210304):Update texmacs static website post
fix(posts:20210304):Export markdown for ikiwiki to process
new(posts/20210304):TeXmacs static website init
style( org mode comment/metadata
new(posts:20210217):Freedombox apache var www
style(posts):Rename posts with `.md` instead of `.mdwn`
Org mode exports files by default with `.md` which is the dominant
file extension in use anyway.
fix(posts:20210104):Replace relative image links with absolute
Specify full URL of static site in this particular post.
fix(posts:20210104):Remove spaces from image URLs
update(posts:20210104):add images about ikiwiki rss atom feed bug
chore(.gitignore):Update to ignore symlink to BK-2020-08-2 res
To facilitate composing posts with images, I've set `.gitignore` to
ignore a `res` file. On my development machine, this is a symlink to
the `res` directory in BK-2020-08-2, which contains binary
blob content (i.e. images).
new(posts:20210216):Ikiwiki org mode test
Note: Committing this in two places since first place committed was by
new(posts/20210104T1838Z):Ikiwiki rss/atom feed bug
new file: posts/0020210104T1838Z..ikiwiki_rss_atom_feed_bug.mdwn
new file: posts/
Add blog post template in emacs org mode format
fix(posts):20210102:signal_backup:Fix typo
fix(posts):20210102:Signal:Add links. Mention Homebrew
new(posts):20210102:signal_backup_decrypt:New post
new file: posts/0020210102T0406Z..opening_signal_android_backup.mdwn
new file: posts/
fix(posts.mdwn):Alter wording
feat(posts.mdwn):Add signing PGP key link
fix(posts):20201230:CHEME_BTC:Fix sig formatting
fix(posts):20201230:ChemE_BTC:Fix sig formatting
fix(posts):20201230:ChemE_BTC:Fix spacing
modified: posts/0020201230T2329Z..cheme_bitcoin_applications.mdwn
modified: posts/
fix(posts):20201230:ChemE BTC:Fix signature formatting
modified: posts/0020201230T2329Z..cheme_bitcoin_applications.mdwn
modified: posts/
new(posts):ChemE bitcoin applications
As as blog post a copy of a post to a AIChE Engage discussion about
"blockchain technology".
fix(posts):Typo on 2020-12-23T02:34Z post
fix(sidebar.mdwn):Fix URL typo
update(posts):Add blog post (ikiwiki setup part 2)
chore(log.txt):Remove legacy log
Future updates to use `git log` functionality instead.
chore(log.txt):Update log. Future logs to use `git log` instead.
chore(posts):Remove test post
chore(posts):Remove test post
fix(posts):fix markdown URL markup in some posts
chore(posts):Delete default posts
fix(index.mdwn):Update link to gitweb repo
test(posts):Update cron job test post
Update cron job test post
Modified cron test
test(posts):Modify test post
doc(index):Add link to gitweb repo containing website
migrate(blog):Convert/move legacy blog posts into ikiwiki posts
chore():Move all legacy files to AWS-S3-REPO for migration
chore():Add legacy amazon s3 bucket upload script
update(log):Prepare to migrate website
add test post
chore(posts):Delete ikiwiki default example posts
new(posts):ikiwiki setup
chore(index):Add CC BY-SA 4.0 link
chore(sidebar):remove pgp fingerprint
chore(sidebar):add pgp fingerprint
test(sidebar):testing markdown link behavior
fix(sidebar):PGP link
fix(sidebar):link spacing
chore(sidebar):Add links to sidebar
feat(sidebar):Move twitter link
feat(sidebar):Add twitter link
initial commit
initial commit
fix(index.html):Fix error in markdown conversion