Recent changes to this wiki:

feat(posts:20210614):Add link to bonneville dam photo page
fix(posts:20210607:kyoani arson wiki edit):capitalisation
new(posts:20210607:kyoani arson wiki edit)
new(posts:20210310:freedombox_radicale):my personal caldav calendar
chore( template with easier date access
update(posts:20190815:hancke-kuhn_dbp):Link to TeXmacs version
fix(posts:20210309:personal_text_logger):Fix whitespace
fix(exec:css):Apply current bktei_stanford css
fix(exec:css:bktei_stanford):Fix RecentChanges page style
feat(exec:css):Add blog stylesheet 'bktei_stanford_dark'
feat(exec:css):Add ikiwiki css sheets
Also renamed 'REFERENCE' directory 'ref'
new(posts:20210309:personal_text_logger):blog post
fix(posts:20210308:ff_lyrics):Fix PDF link error
feat(sidebar):Add texmacs articles link
new(posts:20210308:ff_pray_lyrics_texmacs):New post
fix(posts:20210304:texmacs):Fix image link
fix(posts:20210304:texmacs):Fix image link
fix(REFERENCE/ path in image URL example
update(posts/20210304):Update texmacs static website post
fix(posts:20210304):Export markdown for ikiwiki to process
new(posts/20210304):TeXmacs static website init
style( org mode comment/metadata
new(posts:20210217):Freedombox apache var www
style(posts):Rename posts with `.md` instead of `.mdwn`
Org mode exports files by default with `.md` which is the dominant
file extension in use anyway.
fix(posts:20210104):Replace relative image links with absolute
Specify full URL of static site in this particular post.
fix(posts:20210104):Remove spaces from image URLs
update(posts:20210104):add images about ikiwiki rss atom feed bug
chore(.gitignore):Update to ignore symlink to BK-2020-08-2 res
To facilitate composing posts with images, I've set `.gitignore` to
ignore a `res` file. On my development machine, this is a symlink to
the `res` directory in BK-2020-08-2, which contains binary
blob content (i.e. images).
new(posts:20210216):Ikiwiki org mode test
Note: Committing this in two places since first place committed was by
new(posts/20210104T1838Z):Ikiwiki rss/atom feed bug
new file: posts/0020210104T1838Z..ikiwiki_rss_atom_feed_bug.mdwn
new file: posts/
Add blog post template in emacs org mode format
fix(posts):20210102:signal_backup:Fix typo
fix(posts):20210102:Signal:Add links. Mention Homebrew
new(posts):20210102:signal_backup_decrypt:New post
new file: posts/0020210102T0406Z..opening_signal_android_backup.mdwn
new file: posts/
fix(posts.mdwn):Alter wording
feat(posts.mdwn):Add signing PGP key link
fix(posts):20201230:CHEME_BTC:Fix sig formatting
fix(posts):20201230:ChemE_BTC:Fix sig formatting
fix(posts):20201230:ChemE_BTC:Fix spacing
modified: posts/0020201230T2329Z..cheme_bitcoin_applications.mdwn
modified: posts/
fix(posts):20201230:ChemE BTC:Fix signature formatting
modified: posts/0020201230T2329Z..cheme_bitcoin_applications.mdwn
modified: posts/
new(posts):ChemE bitcoin applications
As as blog post a copy of a post to a AIChE Engage discussion about
"blockchain technology".
fix(posts):Typo on 2020-12-23T02:34Z post
fix(sidebar.mdwn):Fix URL typo
update(posts):Add blog post (ikiwiki setup part 2)
chore(log.txt):Remove legacy log
Future updates to use `git log` functionality instead.
chore(log.txt):Update log. Future logs to use `git log` instead.
chore(posts):Remove test post
chore(posts):Remove test post
fix(posts):fix markdown URL markup in some posts
chore(posts):Delete default posts
fix(index.mdwn):Update link to gitweb repo
test(posts):Update cron job test post
Update cron job test post
Modified cron test
test(posts):Modify test post
doc(index):Add link to gitweb repo containing website
migrate(blog):Convert/move legacy blog posts into ikiwiki posts
chore():Move all legacy files to AWS-S3-REPO for migration
chore():Add legacy amazon s3 bucket upload script
update(log):Prepare to migrate website
add test post
chore(posts):Delete ikiwiki default example posts
new(posts):ikiwiki setup
chore(index):Add CC BY-SA 4.0 link
chore(sidebar):remove pgp fingerprint
chore(sidebar):add pgp fingerprint
test(sidebar):testing markdown link behavior
fix(sidebar):PGP link
fix(sidebar):link spacing
chore(sidebar):Add links to sidebar
feat(sidebar):Move twitter link
feat(sidebar):Add twitter link
initial commit
initial commit
fix(index.html):Fix error in markdown conversion
feat(blog):Add spreadsheet on chem plant dwg standards
fix( Remove html tag incompatible with pandoc
Remove html tag `<!DOCTYPE html>` that is incompatible with a `pandoc`
markdown to HTML conversion operation such as:
$ pandoc --from=markdown --to=html
append(doc) Add thermo problem solution
Add TeXmacs-generated files about a solution to a thermodynamics
problem related to a Stack Exchange Engineering answer I gave.
feat( Add wikipedia-style footnote example
Added blog post of spanish lyrics to Final Fantasy Pray.
Added version information for commands used in backup blog post.
Added blog post about making split backups with rsync and tar.
Added link to Chocobo Crossing Sign.
Added link to license tracking page at