Notable Public Keys book update (Debian, Satoshi Labs)

Created by Steven Baltakatei Sandoval on 2022-01-03T12:58Z under a CC BY-SA 4.0 license and last updated on 2022-01-03T13:26Z.

I added two sections to my Notable Public Keys book (PDF, GitLab):


For the Debian chapter I focused on PGP keys used by the "Debian CD" group to sign .iso images used to install Debian onto new systems.

I included this chapter because I use Debian as my main workstation OS. I also know that it is used as the basis for several other popular GNU/Linux distributions such as Ubuntu and some that I've been looking into using such as PopOS.

Because the Debian organization continues to use GnuPG keys as the basis for officially authenticating developer contributions, their use of PGP keys goes back longer than most organizations covered by this book (the oldest Debian CD key I found is dated 1999-01-30).

Satoshi Labs

For the Satoshi Labs chapter I included two recent keys used to sign Trezor software such as Trezor Suite and Trezor Bridge. One of the Satoshi Labs founders named Stick also created signatures included alongside software such as Trezor Bridge. Currently the latest recommended method for using a Trezor hardware wallet is to use Trezor Suite.

I included this chapter because I use a Trezor to store bitcoin. Because money is at stake I have maintained notes about PGP keys used to sign Trezor software. In fact, one of the reasons why I decided to make the book was to gather all my notes into a single coherent text.

Future sections

In the project README I have the following entities whose public keys I am still planning to include in their own sections: