2023 NJIT Ph.D. Commencement Ceremony

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Various graduate students were officially given their Ph.D. degrees at the 2023 NJIT Ph.D. Commencement Ceremony held on 2023-05-16 at the Newark Wellness Center.



Timestamps are from the YouTube livestream (duration: 1h31m30s).


  • Speaker: Daniel Mottern
  • Position: Graduate Student Association President
  • Time: 00:01:28

Newark College of Engineering was founded in 1919.

College of Science and Liberal Arts was founded in 1982.

Ying Wu College of Computing was founded in 2001.

Opening remarks

  • Speaker: Atam Dhawan, Ph.D.
  • Position: Provost and Senior Executive Vice President ad interm.
  • Time: 00:09:16 (2023-05-16T17:12:07-04)

Opening song

  • Singer: Debbie-Ann Spence
  • Singer title: National Anthem Singer
  • Song: US National Anthem
  • Time: 00:10:58

Presentation of Colors by AFROTC Detachment 490 Color Guard.

Talk 1

  • Speaker: Kevin D. Belfield, Ph.D.
  • Position: Dean, College of Science and Liberal Arts
  • Time: 00:18:18

Talk 2

Talk 3

  • Speaker: Moshe Kam, Ph.D.
  • Position: Dean, Newark College of Engineering
  • Time: 00:26:35

Talk 4

  • Speaker: Vincent L. DeCaprio, Ph.D. ʼ72, ʼ20 HON
  • Position: Board Emeritus Trustee
  • Time: 00:29:50

Shared a story about how the Ph.D experience is good preparation to become a CEO in business.

Ph.D. experience allows you to gain access to capital and influential people.

Hashimoto Prize Award

Time: 00:44:47

An award given in honor of Dr. Kazuo Hashimoto to an outstanding electrical engineering student. The prize was started around 1994. The prize is awarded to Ravi Teja Velpula.

Presentation of degrees

  • Speaker: Sotirios Ziavras, Ph.D
  • Position: Vice Provost for Graduate Studies and Dean of Graduate Faculty, Graduate Studies
  • Time: 00:47:20

Sotirios Ziavras, Ph.D. begins ceremony of recognizing individual students who have fulfilled NJIT Ph.D. degree requirements.

Student information will be formatted as follows:

* Student: [department]
** Advisor: [advisor name] ~ paper title
** Time: [HH:MM:SS]    # video timestamp when they appear

Newark College of Engineering

Time: 00:49:32

  • Ozan Cakmak: Biomedical Engineering
    • Mesut Sahin ~ Improving the Stimulation Selectivity in the Human Cochlea by Strategic Selection of the Current Return Electrode
    • Time: 00:52:32
  • Ravi Teja Velpula: Electrical Engineering
    • Hieu Nguyen ~ Carrier Transport Engineering in Wide Bandgap Semiconductors for Photonic and Memory Device Applications
    • Time: 00:53:02
  • Esma Cetinkaya: Biomedical Engineering
    • Mesut Sahin ~ Sensorimotor Content of oMulti-Unit Activity in the Paramedian Lobule of the Cerebellum
    • Time: 00:53:38
  • Apurva N. Limaye: Biomedical Engineering
    • Treena L. Arinzeh ~ Naturally Derived Fibrous Scaffolds Containing Metabolic Factors for Bone Tissue Engineering
    • Time: 00:54:00
  • Jin Fan: Civil Engineering
    • Mathew Bandelt, Mathew Adams ~ Multi-Physics Numerical Simulation of Corrosion and Service Life Evaluation of Novel Reinforced Concrete Systems
    • Time: 00:55:26
  • Mohab A. Hussein: Civil Engineering
    • Rayan H. Assadad ~ Modeling Uncertainties in the Resistance of Driven Piles in Intermediate Geomaterials: Machine Learning Methods
    • Time: 00:56:29
  • Wen Ji: Environmental Engineering
    • Michel Boufadel ~ Formation of Oil Partical Aggregates and the Impact on the Fate of Oil
    • Time: 00:57:52
  • Qingquan Ma: Environmental Engineering
    • Wen Zhang, Joshua A. Young ~ Faceted Nanomaterial Synthesis, Characterizations and Applications in Reactive Electrochemical Membrane Filtration
    • Time: 00:58:31
  • Suman Jaiswal: Mechanical Engineering
    • Shawn A. Chester ~ Experimental Characterization and Modeling of the Anisotropic Behavior of Porcine Dermis
    • Time: 00:58:51
  • Gulenay Guner: Chemical Engineering
    • Ecevit Bilgili, Lisa Axe ~ Microhydrodynamic, Kinetic and Thermal Modeling of Wet Media Milling for Process Optimization and Intensification
    • Time: 01:00:08
  • Sangahh Selene Kim: Chemical Engineering
    • Rajesh N. Dave ~ Direct Blend-Direct Compaction (DB-DC) Formulations Enabled Through Reduced API Cohesion and Agglomeration via Dry Coating
    • Time: 01:01:12
  • Zhongyu Li: Chemical Engineering
    • Xiaoyang Xu~ Development of Non-Viral Nano-Carriers for Gene Delivery and COVID-19 Vaccines
    • Time: 01:01:47
  • Baran Teoman: Chemical Engineering
    • Piero M. Armenante ~ Hydrodynamic Investigation of the Discharge of Complex Fluids From Dispensing Bottles Using Experimental and Computational Approaches
    • Time: 01:02:28

College of Science and Liberal Arts

Time: 01:02:51

  • Nian Liu: Applied Physics
    • Haimin Wang, Ju Jing ~ Understanding the Role of Magnetic Field Evolution in the Initiation and Development of Solar Eruptions
    • Time: 01:05:12
  • Subash Kusum Ray: Biology
    • Simon Garnier ~ Brainless, but Smart: Investigating Cognitive-Like Behaviors in the Acelular Slime Mold Physarum Polycephalum
    • Time: 01:06:02
  • Chen Wu: Environmental Science
    • Mengyan Li ~ Biotransformation and Biodefluorination of Fluorotelomer Carboxylic Acids
    • Time: 01:08:31
  • Ali Hasani: Chemistry
    • Alexei Khalizov ~ Combustion Soot Nanoparticles: Mechanism of Restructuring and Mechanical Properties
    • Time: 01:08:54
  • Soheil Saghafi: Mathematical Sciences
    • Casey Diekman ~ Deep Hybrid Modeling of Neuronal Dynamics Using Generative Adversarial Networks
    • Time: 01:10:28

Ying Wu College of Computing

Time: 01:10:46

Martin Tuchman School of Management

Time: 01:14:35

J. Robert and Barbara A. Hillier College of Architecture and Design

Time: 01:15:24

Talk 5

  • Speaker: Oya Tukel, Ph.D.
  • Position: Dean, Martin Tuchman School of Management
  • Time: 01:16:14

Closing song

  • Time: 01:18:03
  • Song: NJIT Alma Mater
  • Singers: Gigabeats - A Capella Student Organization

Closing remarks

  • Speaker: Teik Lim. Ph.D.
  • Position: President, New Jersey Institute of Technology
  • Time: 01:19:18

Encourages students to remember their parentsʼ pride.

Officially announces degrees have been awarded.

Hat throw at 01:26:33.

Meta: Errata

Between 00:52:25 and 00:54:00, a desynchronization occured between the video feed and the digital overlays naming each student as they were individually recognized. Students affected were: Michael E. Hanna, Ozan Cakmak, Ravi Teja Velpula, Esma Cetinkaya, Meng Cao.


  • 2023-05-16: The Ph.D. Commencement Ceremony was held.

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