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ISO 10628: Diagrams for the chemical and petrochemical industry is an industry consensus standard published by that provides a set of symbols that may be used to depict chemical and petrochemical process units and equipment such as in process flow diagrams.

The standard consists of two parts:

  • Part 1: Specification of Diagrams (ISO 10628-1:2014)
  • Part 2: Part 2: Graphical Symbols (ISO 10628-2:2012)



Baltakatei history

  • 2020-09: BK-2020-04: In order to facilitate my own creation of engineering drawings in Inkscape using SVG files, I manually drew ISO 10628 symbols in Inkscape and saved them into the BK-2020-04-PID-1 drawing set which I published on Wikimedia Commons here[1].
  • 2023-02: I corresponded with a John Kunicek who asked some questions about the symbol numbering and how some symbols had numbers that did not fit the drawing legend explanation. I reviewed ISO 10628-2 further and found that itself seems to have left in some ambiguity that is clarified when consulting ISO 14617, a sort of master index document set for numbering technical drawing symbols; I didn't consult ISO 14617 myself, but from indirect references and descriptions about related standards, I deduced ISO 14617 was an index that included numbers for a small number of miscellaneous symbols that ISO 10628 happened to include. I sent my findings to Kunicek and prepared an update for BK-2020-04-PID-1; I asked for any further mistakes he might have found (of a spelling or semantic nature).
  • 2023-05-24: After 3 months of not hearing any more feedback from Kunicek, I went ahead and uploaded updated SVG files to Wikimedia Commons. I also updated text titles in the drawings which appear different on Wikimedia Commons' previous PNG files due to WikiCommons' lack of support for osifont, the ISO 3098-compliant technical drawing font available in Debian. I updated the BK-2020-04 git repository to include these updates.

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