Tears of the Kingdom notes

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This page contains notes for Baltakatei's playthrough of The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

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  • Visit all shrines.
  • Figure out what the petal sky islands are.
  • Check all sky islands again for chests.


2023-05-11 playthrough


Captain of the guard at Zora's Domain.
Captain of the guard of Gerudo Town.
A red Zora using splash fruit to clean Zora of sludge contamination in Zora's Domain.
Deku Tree, The Great
An ancient tree in the Lost Woods that has the power to heal the Master Sword and track its movements.
A Korok who can add more equipment slots (weapons, shields, bows) in exchange for Korok seeds. Arrives at Lookout Landing at some point.
A blue Zora working with Chroma.
The Hylian main character. Knight who is assigned to protect Princess Zelda.
Hylian interested in Fashion. Wears clothing adorned with mushrooms.
Gerudo leader. Young adult.
New Rito Elder.
Young Rito Warrior.
A green Zora. Caretaker of the Zora. Prince Sidon's fianceé.
Zelda, Princess
The titular Hylian princess. Possesses power to seal evil. A member of the royal family of Hyrule.


The Sky

A collection of floating islands containing mostly Zonai ruins. Suddenly appeared when Princess Zelda and Link went missing while investigating a source of malice below Hyrule Castle.

Ga-ahisas Shrine
(Rauru's Blessing; C: -3596, 0961, 1699): A Sky shrine located in the Tabantha Sky Archipelago above the Tabantha Frontier. Located beneath the puzzle for the Zonaite Helm.
Gikaku Shrine
(Rauru's Blessing; C: 4506, 2165, 1155): A shrine above the Rist Peninsula in eastern Akkala. Unlocked via green rock quest; drop the green rock from sky island above.
Igoshon Shrine
(Orbs of Water; C: 3480, 0664, 1325): A shrine in the floating sludge islands above Zora's Domain.
Jinodok Shrine
(Rauru's Blessing; C: -1257, -1487, 1008): A Sky shrine located in the South Hyrule Sky Archipelago. A green rock shrine solved by manipulating a rotating walkway.
Jirutagamac Shrine
(A Flying Device; C: 2916, 0533, 0951). A shrine in the Lanayru Sky Archipelago. Located within a spinning sphere. Entry requires timing a jump from a sky island accessible via launch from a nearby tower.
Joku-u Shrine
(Rauru's Blessing; C: 1375, -3339, 0429): A Sky shrine located on Dragonhead Island. Somewhat difficult to find if the storm is active. Leads to Spirit Temple; requires 10 hearts.
Joku-usin Shrine
(Proving Grounds: Short Circuit; C: 1074, -3346, 0786): A Sky shrine located in the Thunderhead Isles. Accessible by Ascend from below.
Josiu Shrine
(Rauru's Blessing; C: 1759, -1208, 0924): "North Necluda Sky Crystal" shrine quest. A shrine in a west necluda archipelago. REquires carrying a crystal across a rotating platform.
Kadaunar Shrine
(Water Makes a Way; C: 1882, 1202, 1251): A Sky shrine located in the South Eldin Sky Archipelago.
Kahatanaum Shrine
(C: -3295, 3430, 1347): A shrine in the Hebra region near the floating blizzard.
Kumamayn Shrine
(Rauru's Blessing; C: 2856, -2857, 1212): A shrine from a shrine quest involving fighting a construct miniboss and hauling/launching a crystal.
Lanayru Great Spring Sky
A region above Zora's Domain.
Lanayru Sky Archipelago
Sky islands above Zora's Domain.
Lomei Sky Labyrinth
Terminal at 4602, 3636, 1062.
Mayam Shrine
(Rauru's Blessing; C: 0341, 2814, 1821): A Sky shrine in the North Hyrule Sky Archipelago accessed via green rock transport from a construct mini-boss.
Mayanas Shrine
(The Ice Guides You ; C: 4613, -0947, 1790): A Sky shrine in the South Lanayru Sky Archipelago.
Mayasiar Shrine
(Rauruʼs Blessing; C: -3545, -0320, 1965): A Sky shrine located in the North Gerudo Sky Archipelago within a low gravity sphere. Accessible after solving a light beam puzzle.
Mayaumekis Shrine
(Downward Force; C: -2947, 3051, 0897): A shrine in the Hebra region near the floating blizzard.
Mogisari Shrine
(Courage to Jump; 4655, 3500, 1010): A Sky shrine accessible by launching from sky islands to the south in the North Akkala Sky Archipelago; requires approximately 4 stamina wheels.
Natak Shrine
(Rauru's Blessing: C: 3671, 1484, 1158): A green rock shrine above Tarrey Town in the Sokkala Sky Archipelago. Accessed by firing green rock from sphere onto nearby sky island using pre-aimed spring cannon.
Rakashog Shrine
(A Reflective Device; C: -1716, -2118, 1149): A Sky shrine above the Gerudo Highlands near the Great Plateau.
Sihajog Shrine
(Rauru's Blessing; C: 4544, -0856, 1121): A Sky Shrine in the South Lanayru Sky Archipelago on the landing island of a skydive course of Valor Island. Access is given for completing the skydive course (no time limit); note: the course is more difficult due to clouds obscuring hidden lethal obstructions.
Simosiwak Shrine
(Proving Grounds: Lights Out; C: 0163, 1972, 0759): A Sky shrine located in the North Hyrule Sky Archipelago. An equipmentless shrine.
Siyamotsus Shrine
(Unlit Blessing; C: -1795, -3295, 1011): A Sky shrine located in the South Lomei Castle Top Floor. Accessible by flying south of the East Gerudo Sky Archipelago.
Taninoud Shrine
(Rauru's Blessing; C: -1804, 3407, 0948): A Sky shrine in the East Hebra Sky Archipelago. A green stone shrine accessed by transporting the stone via a flying platform.
Taunhiy Shrine
(Combat Training: Archery; C: -2400, 0824, 0615): A shrine accessible via Lindor's Brow Skyview Tower northwest of Hyrule Field and ESE of Rito Village.
Tenbez Shrine
(Gravity and Velocity; C: -0969, 3535, 1011): A shrine in the north on a Zonai cube.
Ukoojisi Shrine
(Rauru's Blessing; C: 1467, -2168, 0586): A Sky shrine in the West Necluda Sky Archipelago. Requires fetching a green rock.
Yansamin Shrine
(Proving Grounds: Low Gravity; C: 2350, -1782, 1475 ): A Sky shrine accessed by using wind updrafts activated on Zonaite Forge Island.

The Surface

The Surface is the overworld area. (Baltakatei: Is the overworld of Breath of the Wild)

Ancient Prison Ruins
(C: -3099, -3063, -0036): A cave accessed via quicksand in the Palu Wasteland E of Gerudo Town. Contains several Gibdos. Contains the Chichim Shrine.
Anedamimik Shrine
(A Retraced Path; C: 4231, -2178, -0012): A shrine east of the Purah Tech Lab in Hateno Village.
Apogek Shrine
(Wings on the Wind; C: 3887, -0217, 0164): A shrine east of Zora's Domain.
Bamitok Shrine
(Rauruʼs Blessing; C: 3094, -3209, 0082): A shrine locatd within Mount Dunsel Cave, accessible via two entrances, the southern of which is ENE of Lurelin Village.
Boné Pond East Cave
(C: 2191, 0134, 0037): A cave south of the Zora River and SW of Inogo Bridge.
Central Hyrule
An area of mostly flat green fields.
Chichim Shrine
(Rauruʼs Blessing ; C:-3211, -3007, -0049): A shrine located within the Ancient Prison Ruins at the end of several Gibdo chambers.
Crenel Peak Cave
(Western entrance at C: 1137, 0242, 0058; Eastern entrance at C: 1355, 0298, 0033): A cave located NNE of Wetland Stable and SSW of Eldin Canyon Skyview Tower. Contains the Jojon Shrine.
Death Mountain
An active volcano located within the Death Mountain region.
Death Mountain East Tunnel
(C: 2774, 2781, 0523): A tunnel on the ENE slope of Death Mountain, near a railway line. Contains a green shrine rock embedded in an Igneo Talus for the nearby Momosik Shrine.
Death Mountain (region)
A Surface northern rocky region centered upon Death Mountain itself, an active volcano.
Deplian Badlands Cave
(C: 0304, 3577, 0089): A cave located north of the Typhlo Ruins with a north-facing entrance. Contains the Minetak Shrine.
Domizuin Shrine
(A Prone Pathway; C: 3305, 1443, 0426): A Surface shrine located at the Akkala Citadel Ruins southwest of Tarrey Town.
East Biron Snowshelf Cave
(NE entrance C: -3553, 3092, 0275; SW entrance C: -3983, 3065, 0142): A cave along a snowshielding slope west of Selmie's Spot in the Hebra region.
Ekochiu Shrine
(Rise and Fall; C: 1062, 1279, 0045): A shrine in the Great Hyrule Forest.
Eutoum Shrine
(Proving Grounds: Infiltration; C: -3506, 3570, 0387): A Surface shrine located north of the Hebra Tundra near Goflam's Secret Hot Spring. It is an equipment-less shrine.
Fort Hateno Cave
(C: 2239, -1691, 0027): A cave north of Fort Hateno and ENE of the Dueling Peaks Stable.
Gasas Shrine
(Well-Timed Cuts; C: -4151, 0098, 0040): A shrine WSW of Tabantha Bridge Stable and N of the Gerudo Highlands Skyview Tower.
Gatakis Shrine
(Ride the Winds; C: -3650, 1805, 0168): A shrine in Rito Village.
Gatanisis Shrine
(A Well-Timed Bounce; C: 4498, 0825, 0095): A Surface shrine located south of Tarrey Town.
Gemimik Shrine
(Turbine Power; C: 4513, 2116, 0001): A shrine in the Akkala Highalnds on the coast in the center of the spiral.
Gerudo Desert
A Surface region to the southwest containing mostly dry desert and high elevation plateaus.
Gisa Crater Cave
(SE entrance at C
-3863, 1010, 0077; NW entrance at C: -3924, 1090, 0092): A cave SSW of Rito Village and NW of Tabantha Bridge Stable. Contains a green rock for the Gisa Crater shrine quest for the Ikatak Shrine.
Great Fairy Cotera
(C:): A great fairy near the stable in west Necluda, ESE of the dueling peaks.
Great Fairy Mija
(C: -1462, 2995, 0305): A great fairy in the Hebra region. Doesn't respond unless a horn is sounded.
Great Fairy Kaysa
(C:): A great fairy in Hyurule Field (southwest portion).
Great Fairy Violynne Tera (?)
(C): A great fairy near the Woodland Stable.
Hebra Headspring Cave
(C: -2891, 2507, 0393): A cave located at the origin of the river flowing through Hebra Headspring, Hebra Falls, Hebra Plunge, and ultimately Lake Totori. Contains the Frostbite Trousers.
Hebra Mountains Northwest Cave
(C: -3002, 3215, 0560): A cave located NW of Selmie's Spot. Contains the Rutafu-um Shrine.
Horon Lagoon Cave
(C: 4247, -0239, -0024): A cave in Horon Lagoon located SE of Zora's Domain and NNE of Mount Lanayru. Contains the Misko treasure of Rubber Tights; changing tide levels restrict access due to obstructing shallows.
Hyrule Field
A Surface region located south of the Central Hyrule region.
Igashuk Shrine
(Rauru's Blessing; C: 4654, 3712, 0131): A Surface shrine in the Akkala Labyrinth. Found by sailing across the sea in a crafted boat and then by following the acorn nuts.
Ihen-a Shrine
(Midair Perch; C: 3787, 0577, 0486): A shrine at Mipha Court near Zora's Domain.
Ikatak Shrine
(Rauru's Blessing; C: -3950, 1138, 0112): A Surface shrine located SSW of Rito Village and WNW of the Tabantha Bridge Stable. Requries a green rock from inside the nearby Gisa Crater Cave.
Irasak Shrine
(Rauru's Blessing; C: -4159, -3824, 0028): A shrine in the Gerudo Desert. The shrine is surrounded by quicksand and moth gibdos; once accessed, the shrine has no challenge.
Ishodag Shrine
(A Windy Device; C: -0880, 0422, 0049): A shrine near Hyrule Field, southwest of Hyrule Castle.
Ishokin Shrine
(Rauru's Blessing; C: -0565, -3524, 0129): A Surface shrine located west of Highland Stable. Accessed by completing a Shrine Quest involving mounting a large white horse east of the Horse God Bridge south of Highland Stable, then riding the horse to an NPC NNW of Ishokin Shrine to retrieve a green rock to the shrine site itself.
Isisim Shrine
(Proving Grounds: In Reverse; C: 1841, 2841, 0363): A Surface shrine located WNW of Death Mountain and NNE of Goron City.
Iun-orok Shrine
(The Right Roll; C: -3538, 0850, -0133):A Surface shrine located within the Tanagar Canyon West Cave.
Jikais Shrine
(Jailbreak; C: 4266, -1674, 0182): A Surface shrine SE of Mount Lanayru and NE of Hateno Village.
Jiotak Shrine
(Rauru's Blessing; C: 1833, 3179, 0257): A shrine at the end of a minecart puzzle hinted at by the Satori lights started by the cherry blossom tree near Darunia Lake.
Jiukoum Shrine
(Built for Rails; C: 0867, -2279, 0141): Faron Grasslands
Jochi-ihiga Shrine
(Rauru's Blessing; C: 3809, 1219, 0090): Found by examining the green stone sold by the rail car tollman in Tarrey Town.
Jochi-iu Shrine
(Courage to Pluck; C: 4346, 2875, 0165): A shrine located SSE of Robbie's old Sheikah tech lab. Jenga.
Jochisiu Shrine
(Rauru's Blessing; C: ): A Shrine near the western side of the Dueling Peaks. Unlocked by slotting correctly sized ice blocks into a wall.
Jogou Shrine
(Rauru's Blessing ; C: 3346, -1187, 0057): In cave with entrance on western portion of Lanayru Bay near Lanayru Road - East Gate (C: 3470, -0960, 0005).
Jojon Shrine
(Proving Grounds: Rotation; C: 1202, 0329, 0027): A Surface shrine located within the Crenel Peak Cave.
Joju-u-u Shrine
(Building Bridges; C: 1516, -3576, 0142): A shrine near the Lakeside Stable in the Faron region.
Joniu Shrine
(Rauru's Blessing; C: 2918, 0506, 0155): A shrine accessed vi a cave near Ralis Pond, SW of Zora's Domain.
Jonsau Shrine
(Deep Force; 1744, 0017, 0025): A Surface shrine in the Lanayru Wetlands ENE of Wetland Stable.
Kamatukis Shrine
(A Precise Strike; C: 34313, 3355, 0071): A shrine located in Akkala.
Kamikzun Shrine
(Proving Grounds: Beignner; C: -0177, -1557, 0023): A Surface equipment-less shrine. Located northeast of the Great Plateau.
Karahatag Shrine
(Drifting Flame; C: -3726, -3625, 0043): A Surface shrine east of the Lightning Temple.
Kikakin Shrine
(Shining in Darkness; C: -0395, 2736, 0287): A shrine located northwest of the Lost Woods.
Kimayat Shrine
(Proving Grounds: Smash; C: 2863, 3637, 0241): A shrine north of Death Mountain and northwest of Skull Lake.
Kishona Shrine
(Wind Power; C: 2567, 1245, 0173): A Surface shrine located southeast of Goron City and near the Foothill Stable.
Kitawak Shrine
(Upward and Forward; C: -1529, -2928, 0321): A shrine in Gerudo Highlands south of the Great Plateau.
Kiuyoyou Shrine
(Fire and Ice; C: -1106, 2086, 0104): A shrine west of the Great Hyrule Forest.
Kudanisar Shrine
(Bridging the Sands; C: -4168, -2144, 0050): A Surface shrine located at the entrance of the Karusa Valley (the valley that leads to the Yiga clan hideout).
Kurakat Shrine
(Rauru's Blessing; C: 2362, -0511, 0156): A Surface shrine attended by a Steward Construct. Unlocked by solving a shadow puzzle involving a rotatable block column with side paddles and paddle slots. Insert wooden block(s) to complete the puzzle at 06:00 AM.
Kyokugon Shrine
(Alignment of the Circles; C: -0710, -1550, 0006): A Surface shrine below the Great Plateau. Accessed via a roadside cave on the northeastern edge of the plateau.
Lake Intenoch Cave
(C: 2484, 1793, 0161): A cave south of Death Mountain with an entrance on the northeastern edge of Gero Pond. Contains the Moshapin Shrine which is unlocked by a green rock within the same cave.
Lake Kilsie Cave
(C: -3930, 2847, -0016): A cave on the north shore of Lake Kilsie located west of Hebra Peak. Contains the Frostbite Headdress.
Lanayru Great Spring
A region containing Zora's Domain.
Lightning Temple
(Mural's Myth Risen from the Sands; C~: -4325, -3464, 0024): A large structure that rose from beneath the sands upon the three tower light puzzle being solved and Riju's lightning striking the triangle's center.
Lindor's Brow Cave
(C: -1737, 1171, 0225): A cave located SE of Lindor's Brow Skyview Tower and NW of the wheelchair Zonai geoglyph. Contains Gloom Hands and the Taki-ihaban Shrine.
Makasura Shrine
(An Upright Device; C: 1770, -1051, 0166): A shrine in Kakariko Village.
Makurukis Shrine
(Combat Training: Archery; C: -2847, 0629, 0233): A shrine northeast and nea rthe Tabantha Great Bridge. South of the Rito Village.
Malanya Spring
(C: 4295, 3211, 0151): The Horse God located in the northeastern edge of the map in Deep Akkala north of the East Akkala Stable.
Maoikes Shrine
(Rauruʼs Blessing; C: 2275, 0147, 0079): A shrine within the Boné Pond East Cave.
Marakuguc Shrine
(Wheeled Wonders; C: 1761, 2508, 0437): A shrine located close to Goron City.
Marari-in Shrine
(Rauru's Blessing; C: 4632, -3712, 0018): A Surface shrine on Eventide Island. Located in the back of a seaside cave
Mayachideg Shrine
(Proving Grounds: The Hunt; C: 3061, 1823, 0216): A Surface shrine located west of Tarrey Town and northwest of Akkala Tower ruins.
Mayachin Shrine
(A Fixed Device; C: -0705, -0869, 0031): A Surface shrine in SW Hyrule Field, SSW of Lookout Landing, and N of the Great Plateau.
Mayahisik Shrine
(Rauru's Blessing; C: 3730, -2058, 0189): A shrine directly below the Purah Tech Lab.
Mayak Shrine
(Timely Catches; C: 1270, 3733, 0106): A shrine north of Death Mountain.
Mayaotaki Shrine
(Rauru's Blessing; C: -0823, 3535, 0235): A Surface shrine located at the center of the North Lomei Labyrinth.
Mayatat Shrine
(A Sliding Device; C: -3290, -2512, 0024): A shrine in the Gerudo desert near the Kara Kara Bazaar (roughly the midway point between the Gerudo Desert entrance and Gerudo town).
Mayausiy Shrine
(Building Blocks; C: -1165, 2602, -0083): A shrine in the Forgotten Temple ENE of Rito Village and east of the Snowfield Stable.
Minetak Shrine
(Rauruʼs Blessing; C: 0393, 3485, 0068): A shrine located within the Deplian Badlands Cave.
Miryotanog Shrine
(Proving Grounds: Lure; C: -4679, -3086, 0054): A shrine NNW of the Lightning Temple.
Mogawak Shrine
(The Power of Water; C: 3299, 0424, 0112): A Zonai shrine located within Zora's Domain itself. Solution involves hydroelectric power from a water wheel.
Momosik Shrine
(Rauru's Blessing; C: 2959, 2758, 0524): A Surface shrine on the ENE side of Death Mountain. Requires fetching a green rock embedded in an Igneo Talus in the nearby Death Mountain East Tunnel.
Morok Shrine
(A Bouncy Device; C: 1182, -0779, 0133): Surface shrine in Lanayru Wetlands.
Moshapin Shrine
(Rauru's Blessing; C: 2678, 1905, 0131): A Surface shrine located within the Lake Intenoch Cave. Is unlocked via a green rock that must be ferried across a lava pond.
Motsusis Shrine
(Rauru's Blessing; C: -1795, -3485, 0045): A Surface shrine located within the South Lomei Labyrinth. Located at the end of a trail of acorns from the northern entrance of the labyrinth.
Mount Dunsel Cave
(C: 3230, -3032, 0041): A cave located NE of Lurelin Village. Contains the Bamitok Shrine.
Musanokir Shrine
(Swing to Hit; C: 0408, 2133, 0144): A Surface shrine at the base of the Great Deku Tree.
Ninjis Shrine
(Rauru's Blessing; C: 0353, 1891, 0178):A Surface shrine located in the Great Hyrule Forest. Part of the Maca's Special Place Shrine Quest. Activated by awakening the Great Deku Tree and talking to a Korok in the Korok Forest. Accessed by falling from Bravery Island in the North Hyrule Sky Archipelago.
North Biron Snowshelf Cave
(C: -3960, 3256, 0237): A cave located south of the Hebra North Summit with a north-facing entrance blocked by ice. Contains a bullet-time bombable boulder puzzle. Contains the Vah Medoh Divine Helm.
Nouda Shrine
(Proving Grounds: Intermediate ; C: -2318, 2201, 0173 ): A Surface shrine located in the former location of the snowball hill puzzle of BotW; southeast of Hebra Peak, west of the Forgotten Temple. An equipment-less shrine.
Orochium Shrine
(Courage to Fall; C: -1636, 2641, 0239): A shrine located in the Hebra region near a stable.
Oromuwak Shrine
(A Launching Device; C: -3079, 1617, 0243): A shrine ESE of the Rito village.
Oshozan-u Shrine
(Mallet Smash; C: -1405, 3677, 0288): A Surface shrine located in the NE part of the North Tabantha Snowfield and NE of the Pikida Stonegrove Skyview Tower in the Hebra region.
Otak Shrine
(Proving Grounds: Traps; C: -4391, 3714, 0212): A shrine in the northwestern portion of Hebra in a cave blocked by meltable ice. Is an equipment-less shrine.
Otutsum Shrine
(Rauru's Blessing; C: -4468, -0670, 0509): A Surface shrine located within the Risoka Snowfield in the Gerudo Highlands. Is located roughly SW of Tabantha Bridge Stable and NW of the Gerudo Highlands Skyview Tower.
O-ogim Shrine
(Rauru's Blessing; C: 2755, -1090, 0100): A Surface green-rock shrine near the Lanayru Promenade east of Kakariko Village and west of Mount Lanayru. Requires carrying a green rock from behind a waterfall.
Pikida Stonegrove Northwest Cave
(SW entrance: C: -2413, 3134, 0374; NW entrance: C: -2647, 3271, 0247): A cave northeast of Hebra Peak within the Pikida Stonegrove.
Ploymus Mountain Cave
A mountain cave whose entrance is southwest of Lulu Lake, north of Zora's Domain. A climbing bandana can be found within at (3714, 0494, 0310):
Pristine Sanctum
(C: 3709, 0611, 0362): A hidden cave east of Zora's Domain and west of Mipha's Court where King Dorephan retreated to while investigating the sludge contaminating Zora's Domain.
Pupunke Shrine
(Rauruʼs Blessing; C: 0620, 2211, 0164): A green rock shrine in the Korok Forest. Green rock unlocked by speaking to a korok east of the Great Deku Tree who will sell the green rock for 5 golden apples; the korok suggests collecting golden apples near Mido Swamp (C: 0829, 2408, 0174).
Quicksand Lake Cave
(C: -3243, -2936, -0048): A cave whose untrance is a quicksand trap within a fallen Zonai cylinder.
Rakakudaj Shrine
(Rauru's Blessing; C: -2036, -1854, 0065): A Surface shrine in Gerudo Valley near Mount Nabooru
Rasitakiwak Shrine
(Proving Grounds: Vehicles; C: 4166, 1323, 0229): A Surface shrine southwest of Tarrey Town.
Rasiwak Shrine
(Flotational Brilliance; C: 4664, 3262, 0002): A shrine on the coast of the Akkala Sea near the pirated Lurelin village.
Rauru Hillside Cave
(C: 0675, 1389, 0048): A cave WNW of the Woodland Stable and ENE of Hyrule Castle.
Ren-iz Shrine
(C: 0755, 0823, 0082): A shrine within the Crenel Hills within a tree trunk (not visible from a distance unless directly above). Located East of Hyrule Castle and SW of Woodland Stable.
Riogok Shrine
(Force Transfer; C: -1440, -1616, 0089): A Surface shrine on the Great Plateau.
Rotsumamu Shrine
(A Balanced Plan: -3407, -1362, 0335): A shrine in the Yiga clan hideout near the open pit.
Runakit Shrine
(Built to Carry: C: -2530, 1170, 0178): A shrine SE of Rito Village and WNW of Hyrule Field.
Rutafu-um Shrine
(Rauruʼs Blessing; C: -2998, 3101, 0514): A Surface shrine located within the Hebra Mountains Northwest Cave. Requires recovering a green stone from under a pool.
Sahiro Shrine
(Aid from Above; C: -3354, 2387, 0361): A shrine in the Hebra mountains near a tower and north of Rito village.
Sakunbomar Shrine
(Rauru's Blessing; C: 0166, 2319, 0179): A shrine in northwest Hyrule Forest accessed by following blue nightshades.
Sarjon Woods Cave
(C: 1205, -3168, 0028): A cave on the north bank of the Floria River, east of Sarjon Bridge and southwest of Kamah Plateau. Located NW of Lakeside Stable. Misko Treasure location.
Satori Mountain Foothill Cave
(C: -2203, -0791, 0115): A cave on the southern slope of Satori mountain. Contains a green rock for the nearby Usazum Shrine.
Sepapa Shrine
(Backtrack; C: 0222, 1085, 0028): A shrine located east of Hyrule Castle.
Serutabomac Shrine
(The Way Up; C: -0179, 1170, 0280): A shrine located on the Hyrule Castle grounds on the northeastern side.
Sibajitak Shrine
(Alighment; C: 2399, 3274, 0402): A shrine located near the northern side of Death Mountain.
Sifumim Shrine
(Proving Grounds: Flow; C: 2826, -3271, 0078): A Surface shrine NW of Lurelin Village and E of Lakeside Stable.
Sinakawak Shrine
(An Uplifting Device; C: -1413, 0756, 0089): A shrine northwest of Hyrule Field near the New Serenne Stable.
Sinatanika Shrine
(Combat Training: Sneakstrike; C: 3842, 2300, 0048): A Shrine in the Akkala Highlands.
Sisuran Shrine
(C: -2556, 3354, 0245): A Surface shrine located NNE of Hebra Peak. Is part of the North Hebra Mountains Crystal shrine quest which involves destroying a Frost Talus near the NW entrance of the Pikida Stonegrove Northwest Cave.
Sitsum Shrine
(A Controlling Device; C: 2369, 2595, 0790): A shrine on top of Death Mountain. Accessed via the main quest lines; rests at the end of a minecart course.
Siwakama Shrine
(Moving the Spheres; C: -2445, -3345, 0042): A Surface shrine in the East Barrens of the Gerudo Desert. Located S of Gerudo Canyon Skyview Tower.
Sonapan Shrine
(Missing Pathways; C: -1921, -0357, 0228): A Surface shrine on the eastern slope of Satori Mountain. Located NNW of Outskirt Stable and SE of Tabantha Bridge Stable.
Soryotanog Shrine
(Buried Light; C: -3881, -2961, 0123): A shrine on top of the royal throne of Gerudo Town.
Statue of the Eighth Heroine Cave
(C: -4380, -0531, 0474): A cave with an entrance located at the head of the 8th Heroine statue in the Gerudo Highlands. Located roughly NW of the Gerudo Highlands Skyview Tower and SW of the Tabantha Bridge Stable. Contains Tingle's Hood.
Sturnida Springs Cave
(C: -4038, 2667, 0024): A cave west of Lake Kilsie and NW of Rito Village. Contains a crystal room filled with Rushrooms, Hearty Truffles, and Sticky Lizards.
Susub Shrine
(Rauru's Blessing; C: 0348, -2051, -0026): A Surface shrine located NE of Lake Hylia and WSW of the DUeling Peaks. Accessible from the Deya Village Ruins Well.
Susuyai Shrine
(A Spinning Device; C: -0785, -0434, 0018): A Surface shrine in Hyrule Field.
Suariwak Shrine
(Rauru's Blessing; C: -2523, -1770, 0131): A Surface shrine located behind a locked door in the Yiga Blademaster Station at the waterfall west of the Koukot Plateau which is north of the Gerudo Canyon Skyview Tower. Unlocking the door requires wearing the complete Yiga armor in order to gain entry to the station and then completing a quest to place bananas at four stone frog statue locations around Gerudo Canyon.
Tadarok Shrine
(Fire and Water; C: -1082, -2187, 0129): A Surface shrine on the Great Plateau located at the source of the River of the Dead.
Tajikats Shrine
(Building with Logs; C: 0344, -1009, 0016): A Shrine near Riverside Stable in southwestern Central Hyrule.
Taki-ihaban Shrine
(Rauru's Blessing; C: -1830, 1194, 0147): A shrine located within Lindor's Brow Cave.
Tanagar Canyon East Cave
(C: -2049, 1627, -0054): A cave southwest of the Forgotten Temple.
Teniten Shrine
(Combat Training: Throwing; C: -0072, -1115, 0021): A shrine in Hyrule Field.
Tenmaten Shrine
(C: -0593, 1551, -0014): A shrine NW of Hyrule Castle and SW of the Great Hyrule Forest. Accessed via the Elma Knolls Well.
Timawak Shrine
(Against the Flow; C: 1799, 1638, 0311): A shrine on the road towards Goron City north of the Woodland Stable.
Tokiy Shrine
(Rauru's Blessing; C; 2305, -2376, -0028): A Surface shrine located at the end of Oakle's Navel Cave. Requires carrying a green rock through some falling boulder hazards.
Tsutsu-um Shrine
(The Stakes Guide You; C: -1423, -1349, 0068): A Surface shrine next to Outskirt Stable located northwest of the Great plateau and directly west of the Coliseum.
Tukarok Shrine
(Forward Force; C: 0915, -0250, 0034): A surface shrine near Wetland Stable. Involves wheel paddles.
Turakamik Shrine
(Hidden Metal; C: -2658, -2236, 0067): A shrine in the Gerudo Highlands on the road towards Gerudo Town just before the sandy desert flat is reached.
Turakawak Shrine
(Stacking a Path; C: -3496, -0197, 0066): A shrine at the north side of the Gerudo Highlands.
Upland Zorana Skyview Tower
(C:2861, 0578, 0439): tower for Zora's Domain.
Usazum Shrine
(Rauru's Blessing; C: -2139, -0873, 0093): A green rock shrine located SW of the entrance to the Satori Mountain Foothill Cave on the southern slope of Satori Mountain. The green rock is located within the cave and is worn by a Hinox patrolling a loop inside.
Utoji's Shrine
(Rauru's Blessing; C: 1217, -2542. 0096): A shrine found in a deep cave; requires fusing a wing to a zonaite spear and throwing it through a distant hoop.
Utsushok Shrine
(Long or Wide; C: 0669, -3358, 0072): A Surface shrine near Highland Stable in the Faron region.
Walnot Mountain Cave
(SW entrance at C: 3934, -2074, 0127; NE entrance at C: 4220, -1737, 0196): A cave NE of Hateno Village, SW of Mount Lanayru and near the Jikais Shrine. Contains the Barbarian Leg Wraps.
Wetland Stable
(): A stable east of Hyrule Field. A local well has someone who will pay rupees for how many wells the player has found; after being talked to, they migrate to the Lookout Landing.
Yomizuk Shrine
(Rauru's Blessing; C: 4413, -0614, 0034): A Surface shrine located within the Tarm Point Cave at the end of a raft ferry quest.
YunoboCo HQ East Cave
(C: 1761, 2826, 0399): A cave west of Death Mountain. Contains the Isisim Shrine.
YunoboCo HQ South Cave
(C: 1711, 274, 0402): A cave west of Death Mountain containing a Misko treasure.
Zora's Domain
(C: 3298, 0425, 0112): The capital of the Zoras in the Lanayru Great Spring region.
Zakusu Shrine
(Proving Grounds Ascension; C: 3527, -1482, 0168): A shrine near Mount Lanayru. Accessible via a snowslope sky island (C: 3961, -1539, 1119) accessible via tower.
Zanmik Shrine
(Scoop It Out; C: 3469, -2179, 0148): A shrine in Hateno Village.
Rabia Plain
(C: 2487, -0528, 0133): A plain NE of Kakariko Village.
West Hyrule Plains
(C: -1555, 0122, 0117): A plain south of New Serenne Stable and west of Lookout Landing.
Phantom Ganon
Broca Island
(C: 2723, 1864, 0237): A tunnel north of Broca Island, Medingo Pool, and west of Mayachideg Shrine.
Lindor's Brow Cave
(C: -1778, 1181, 0131): In a pit separating the Lindor's Brow Cave entrance and the Taki-ihaban Shrine.
Morok Shrine
(C: 1118, -0751, 0066): below a small floating island containing Morok Shrine near the road between Wetland Stable and Kakariko Village.
North Lomei Labyrinth
(C: -0823, 3511, 0239): Within the maze. Bring rocket shields, bombs, and prepare to climb.
Ordorac Quarry
(C: 3624, 2530, 0012): SW of the Spring of Power.
Purifier Lake
(C: 3276, -1262, 0162)
Dueling Peaks west
(C: 0780, -1950, 0013): On the southern bank of the west portion of the Squabble River that cuts through the Dueling Peaks.
Ovli Plain
(C: 3052, -1744, 0036): Located in a depression NW of Hateno Village and SSE of Peak of Awakening.
Pikida Stonegrove Northwest Cave NE entrance
(C: -2683, 3354, 0240): Located near the Pikida Stonegrove Northwest Cave NW entrance. Has a green shrine stone as part of the North Hebra Mountains Crystal shrine quest to the Sisuran Shrine.
Taafei Hill Cave Stone Talus
(C: -2604, -1774, 0177): Located in the waterfall source of Gerudo Canyon, west of Koukot Plateau.
Hebra North Crest
(C: -3652, 3808, 0230): Located NE of Hebra North Summit.

The Depths

The Depths are an underground region far below the Surface. Inhabited mostly by people and fauna hostile to Hylians such as the Yiga Clan, Moblins, Bokoblins, and other breasts. Covered by Zonai ruins, Malice, vegetation.

Sherfin's Lavafalls Colgera
(C: -4359, 3075, -0838): Located in the Depths below the Hebra West Summit, NE of the Nupisoyuat Lightroot, S of the Kato Lightroot, and S of Sherfin's Lavafalls. Reward is 100 crystalized charges.
Parache Plains Depths
(C: -0330, -3148, -0465): A Frox located south of the Depths below Lake Hylia.
Sohse Lightroot Lynel
Located east of Sohse Lightroot roughly south of the Abandoned Kakariko Mine.
Ovli Plain Depths
(C: 3034, -1788, -0460): A Talus resting on the top of a hill.

Device Dispensers

Digdogg Suspension Bridge
(C: -1627, -1889, 0002): Located near the Digdogg Suspension Bridge at the entrance to the Gerudo Canyon Pass, west of the Great Plateau.
Devices: Stake, Big Wheel, Spring, Portable Pot, Battery
Kakariko Village
(C: 1840, -1086, 0156): Located on a slope directly south of Kakariko Village.
Devices: Balloon, Fan, Big Wheel, Stabilizer
Tarrey Town
(C: 3800, 1564, 0091): Located in the Hudson Construction Site.
Devices: Fan, Small Wheel, Balloon, Big Wheel, Rocket, Steering Stick



Fuse Attack Power
A measure of how much extra attack power is applied to an offensive item.


Fleet-Lotus Seeds
Plant. Speed boost when cooked. Many found at (C: 2371, -2810, 0213) near Rabella Wetlands Skyview Tower.
Hylian Pine Cone
FAP: 1.
Sea-Breeze Boomerang
(C: -2737, 2917, -1120): Found in the depths in the Hebra Canyon Mine.
Splash Fruit
FAP: 1. Contains pressurized water. Can improve swim speed when cooked.
Stamella Shroom
A mushroom that, when cooked, increases stamina.

Upgrade rupee costs:

  • 0→1: 10
  • 1→2: 50
  • 2→3: 200
  • 3→4: 500
Unsorted clothing
Champion's Leathers
(C: ?): Found by lighting torches in the throne room of Hyrule Castle.
Upgrade 0→1: Silent Princess (qty. 3), Light Dragon's Scale (qty. 2)
Flamebreaker Armor
(C: ?): Purchasable in Goron City.
Upgrade 2→3: Blue Moblin Horn (qty. 5), Smotherwing Butterfly (qty. 3), Flint (qty. 15)
Upgrade 3→4: Black Moblin Horn (qty. 5), Smotherwing Butterfly (qty. 5), Flint (qty. 30)
Korok Mask
(C: -0147, 2380, -0621): Found in the Depths within the Forest Coliseum in a chest unlocked after defeating a Hinox.
Not upgradable.
Lightning Helm
(C: -): Provided as a reward for infiltrating the Yiga base near the Gerudo highlands and completing the combat trials.
Not upgradable.
Majora's Mask
(C: -1152, -1264, -0499): Found in the Depths within the Floating Coliseum located below the Coliseum Ruins. “Wearing it makes it harder for certain enemies to spot you.”.
Not upgradable.
Midna's Helmet
(C: 4562, -3618, -0471): Found in the Depths within the Island Coliseum located below Eventide Island. Provides Gloom Resistance.
Not upgradable.
Radiant Shirt
(C: ?):
0→1: Luminous Stone (qty. 10), Bokoblin Guts (qty. 1)
1→2: Luminous Stone (qty. 15), Moblin Guts (qty. 2)
Ravio's Hood
(C: 2243, -1901, -0467): Found in the Depths in the Secluded Coliseum. Increases sideways climbing speed.
Not upgradable.
Sand Boots
(C: ): Found in hidden shop in Gerudo Town.
Upgrade 0→1: Hightail Lizard (qty. 3)
Upgrade 1→2: Gibdo Bone (qty. 20), Swift Carrot (qty. 5)
Upgrade 2→3:
Upgrade 3→4:
Upgrade 4→5:
Sheik's Mask
(C: -4310, -3781, -0479): Found in the Depths at the Desert Coliseum around the southwestern edge of the Gerudo region. In a treasure chest unlocked following a gauntlet of horriblin battles.
Upgrade 2→3: Silent Princess (qty. 4), Star Fragment (qty. 3)
Upgrade 3→4:
Upgrade 4→5:
Snow Boots
(C: ): Found in hidden shop in Gerudo Town.
Upgrade 0→1: Hightail Lizard (qty. 3)
Upgrade 1→2: Octorok Tentacle (qty. 5), Swift Carrot (qty. 5)
Upgrade 3→4:
Upgrade 4→5:
Tingle's Hood
(C: -4448, -0639, 0456): Found in the Statue of the Eighth Heroine Cave in a room full of Gibdos.
Not upgradable.
Tunic of memories
(C: -): Purchased from a Poe statue (400 Poes).
Vah Medoh Divine Helm
(C: -3960, 3266, 0140): Located within the North Biron Snowshelf Cave. Part of the Treasure of the Secret Springs side quest. Increases bond strength with a Rito sage.
Upgrade 0→1: Sapphire (qty. 1), Zonaite (qty. 5)
Upgrade 1→2: Sapphire (qty. 4), Zonaite (qty. 10)
Upgrade 2→3: Sapphire (qty. 6), Large Zonaite (qty. 5), Dazzlefruit (qty. 5)
Upgrade 3→4: Sapphire (qty. 10), Large Zonaite (qty. 10), Dazzlefruit (qty. 10)
Vah Rudania Divine Helm
(C: ?):
Upgrade 2→3: Ruby (qty. 6), Large Zonaite (qty. 5), Dazzlefruit (qty. 5)
Zant's Helmt
(C: 2142, 3182, -0838): Found in the Scorching Coliseum in the Depths beneath Death Mountain. In a chest that unlocks after a gauntlet of moblins.
Not upgradable.
Archaic set
Archaic Tunic
(C: ?):
Not upgradable.
Archaic Legwear
(C: ?):
Not upgradable
Archaic Warm Greaves
(C: ?):
Not upgradable
Barbarian set
Barbarian Armor
(C: -):
Upgrade 1→2: Lynel Saber Horn (qty. 2), Lyenl Mace Horn (qty. 2), Razorshroom (qty. 5)
Barbarian Leg Wraps
(C: 4050, -1876, 0156) Found within the Walnot Mountain Cave system NE of Hateno Village and SE of Mount Lanayru.
Charged set
Charged Headdress
(C: 0985, -2827, 0012): Provides Stormy Weather Attack. Found in along the Dracozu River. Part of the Secret of the Ring Ruins Main Quest.
Upgrade 0→1: Shock Fruit (qty. 3)
Upgrade 1→2: Electric Lizalfos Horn (qty. 5), Thunderwing Butterfly (qty. 3)
Upgrade 2→3: Shock Like Stone (qty. 5), Electric Darner (qty. 5), Large Zonai Charge (qty. 3)
Charged Shirt
(C: 1004, -2539, 0013): Provides Stormy Weather Attack. Found at the head of the Dracozu Lake. Part of the Secret of the Ring Ruins Main Quest.
Upgrade same as Charged Headdress.
Charged Trousers
(C: 0951, -2704, 0012): Provides Stormy Weather Attack. Found along the Dracozu River. Part of the Secret of the Ring Ruins Main Quest.
Upgrade same as Charged Headdress.
Climber set
Climber's Bandanna
(C: ?):
Upgrade 0→1: Keese Wing (qty. 3), Rushroom (qty. 3)
Upgrade 1→2: Electric Keese Wing (qty. 5), Hightail Lizard (qty. 5)
Upgrade 2→3: Ice Keese Wing (qty. 8), Hot-Footed Frog (qty. 10)
Upgrade 3→4: Fire Keese Wing (qty. 10), Swift Violet (qty. 20)
Climbing Boots
(C: 2848, 0542, 0188): Found within the Upland Zorana Byroad cave system.
Upgrade requirements the same as the Climber's Bandana.
Climbing Gear
(C: ?):
Upgrade requirements the same as the Climber's Bandana.
Dark set

Set bonus: night speed (does not need upgrading)

Dark Hood
(C: -): Purchasable after finding _ Poe statues.
Not upgradable.
Dark Trousers
(C: -): Purchasable after finding _ Poe statues.
Not upgradable.
Dark Tunic
(C: -): Purchasable after finding _ Poe statues.
Not upgradable.
Depths set
Gaiters of the Depths
(C: -): Purchasable after finding _ Poe statues.
Upgrades same as Hood of the Depths
Hood of the Depths
(C: - ): Purchased after unlocking _ (all?) of the Poe statues.
Upgrade 0→1: Deep Firefly (qty. 3)
Upgrade 1→2: Frox Fang (qty. 3), Dark Clump (qty. 5)
Tunic of the Depths
(C: -): Purchasable after finding _ Poe statues.
Upgrades same as Hood of the Depths
Desert Voe set
Desert Voe Headband
(C: -3275, -2550, 0023): Purchasable from the Armor Shop in Kara Kara Bazaar. The remaining items must be purchased from the secret Voe shop in Gerudo Town.
Upgrade 0→1: White Chuchu Jelly (qty. 3)
Upgrade 1→2: White Chuchu Jelly (qty. 5), Cool Safflina (qty. 3)
Upgrade 2→3: Ice Keese Wing (qty. 5), Ice-Breath Lizalfos Tail (qty. 3), Chillshroom (qty. 5)
Upgrade 3→4: Ice-Breath Lizalfos Tail (qty. 10), Sapphire (qty. 5)
Upgrade 4→5: ?
Desert Voe Spaulder
(C: ): Purchasable from the secret Voe shop in Gerudo Town.
Upgrades the same as the Desert Voe Headband.
Desert Voe
(C: ): Purchasable from the secret Voe shop in Gerudo Town. Upgrades the same as the Desert Voe Headband.
Upgrades the same as the Desert Voe Headband.
Ember set
Ember Headdress
(C: ?):
Upgrade 1→2: Fire-Breath Lizalfos Horn (qty. 5), Summerwing Butterfly (qty. 5)
Upgrade 2→3: Fire Like Stone (qty. 5), Warm Darner (qty. 5), Large Zonai Charge (qty. 5)
Ember Trousers
(C: ?):
Upgrades the same as the Ember Headdress.
Evil set
Evil Spirit Mask
(C: -1793, -3462, -0522): Found in the Depths within the South Lomei Depths Labyrinth. Is a reward for defeating the Construct III made accessible from the Surface's South Lomei Chasm opened by solving the Sky's South Lomei Castle Top Floor puzzle.
Upgrade: ?
Evil Spirit Armor
(C: ?):
Not upgradable.
Evil Spirit Greaves
(C: ?):
Upgrade: ?
Froggy set
Froggy Sleeve
(C: ?):
Upgrade 3→4: Black Horriblin Hopn (qty. 5), Horriblin Guts (qty. 10), Opal (qty. 10)
Frostbite set
Frostbite Headdress
(C: -3882, 2888, -0006): Located within the Lake Kilsie Cave, a south-facing cave on the north shore of Lake Kilsie SE of Hebra West Summit.
Upgrade 0→1: Ice Fruit (qty. 3)
Upgrade 1→2: Ice-Breath Lizalfos Horn (qty. 5), Winterwing Butterfly (qty. 5)
Upgrade 2→3: Ice Like Stone (qty. 5), Cold Darner (qty. 5), Large Zonai Charge (qty. 5)
Frostbite Trousers
(C: -2905, 2570, 0402): Located within the Hebra Headspring Cave, located at the origin of the water flowing to lake Totori via Hebra Plunge, Hebra Falls, and Hebra Headspring. Access inhibited by icy walls. Provides Cold Weather Attack.
Upgrades the same as the Frostbite Headdress.
Glide set
Glide Mask
(C: ?):
Upgrade 0→1: Keese Wing (qty. 5)
Upgrade 1→2: Aerocuda Eyeball (qty. 6), Keese Wing (qty. 5)
Upgrade 2→3: Aerocuda Wing (qty. 6), Aerocuda Eyeball (qty. 8)
Upgrade 3→4: Gleeok Wing (qty. 12), Aerocuda Wing (qty. 10), Gibdo Wing (qty. 8)
Glide Shirt
(C: ? ): Found on Courage Island in the Tabantha Sky Archipelago. Has effect "Skydive Mobility Up".
Glide Tights
(C: 0229, 2011, 0753): Found on Bravery Island in the North Hyrule Sky Archipelago. Has effect "Skydive Mobility Up".
Hero set
Cap of the Hero
(C: ?):
Upgrade 0→1: Ruby (qty. 1): Star Fragment (qty. 1)
Upgrade 1→2: Ruby (qty. 4), Star Fragment (qty. 1)
Trousers of the Hero
(C: -3354, 2312, -0812): Found in the Depths at the Corvash Canyon Mine.
Upgrades same as Cap of the Hero
Tunic of the Hero
(C: 1285, -1811, -0784): Found in the Depths in the Dueling Canyons Mine located below the Dueling Peaks.
Upgrades same as Cap of the Hero
Hylian set
Hylian Hood
(C: -): Purchasable at Lookout Landing store.
Upgrade 2→3: Black Bokoblin Horn (qty. 5), Bokoblin Guts (qty. 3), Amber (qty. 20)
Upgrade 3→4: Silver Bokoblin Horn (qty. 5), Bokoblin Guts (qty. 5), Amber (qty. 30)
Hylian Trousers
(C: -): Purchasable at Lookout Landing store.
Upgrades same as Hylian Hood
Hylian Tunic
(C: -): Purchasable at Lookout Landing store.
Upgrades same as Hylian Hood
Miner set
Miner's Mask
(C: ?):
Upgrade 2→3: Giant Brightbloom Seed (qty. 15), Glowing Cave Fish (qty. 5), Deep Firefly (qty. 10)
Upgrade 3→4: Giant Brightbloom Seed (qty. 20), Diamond (qty. 3), Large Zonaite (qty. 10)
Miner's Top
(C: ?): Found in the Depths
Upgrade requirements the same as the Miner's Mask
Miner's Trousers
(C: -1287, -2248, -0707): Found in the Depths at the Hylia Canyon Mine, southwest of the Great Abandoned Central Mine.
Upgrade requirements the same as the Miner's Mask
Monster set
Bokoblin mask
(C: -): Obtained from Koltin for ? Bubbul gems.
Not upgradable.
Lizalfos Mask
(C: -): Obtained from Koltin for ? Bubbul gems.
Not upgradable.
Moblin Mask
(C: -): Obtained from Koltin for ? Bubbul gems.
Not upgradable.
Mystic set
Mystic Robe
(C: - ): Obtained from Koltin for ? Bubbul gems, sometime after the Moblin, Lizalfos, and Bokoblin masks.
Upgrades not possible.
Mystic Trousers
(C: - ): Obtained from Koltin for 4 Bubbul gems, sometime after trading for a Mystic Robe.
Upgrades not possible.
Royal Guard set
Royal Guard Uniform
(C: -0410, 0854, 0075): Found within the Guardsʼ Chamber within the southwest grounded portion of the Hyrule Castle area.
Upgrade 0→1: Boss Bokoblin Horn (qty. 3), Bokoblin Guts (qty. 3)
Royal Guard Boots
(C: ?):
Upgrades the same as Royal Guard Uniform.
Rubber set
Rubber Helm
(C: 1592, -2948, -0023): Found at end of Sarjon Woods Cave boat ride. Offers Shock Resistance property.
Upgrade 0→1: Electric Lizalfos Horn (qty. 1), Yellow Chuchu Jelly (qty. 3)
Upgrade 1→2: Yellow Chuchu Jelly (qty. 8), Voltfruit (qty. 5)
Rubber Armor
(C: -0070, -1117, -0004): Whistling Hill Cave in Hyrule Field.
Upgrade requirements the same as Rubber Helm.
Rubber Tights
(C: 4275, -0377, -0021): Found within the Horon Lagoon Cave.
Upgrade requirements the same as Rubber Helm.
Sky set
Cap of the Sky
(C: 3822, -1986, -0632): Found in the Depths within a hollowed tree trunk in the Retsam Grove near the Kisihayam Lightroot below the Hateno Ancient Tech Lab.
Upgrade 0→1: Sapphire (qty. 1), Star Fragment (qty. 1)
Trousers of the Sky
(C: 1165, 0424, -0580): Found in the Depths at the Grenel Canyon Mine, roughly to the southeast of Hyrule Castle and west of Zora's Domain.
Upgrades the same as the Cap of the Sky.
Tunic of the Sky
(C: 1022, 1406, -0543): Found in the Minshi Grove in the depths entrance near the Lost Woods entrance.
Upgrades the same as the Cap of the Sky.
Snowquill set
Snowquill Headdress
(C: -): Purchased in Rito Village.
Upgrade 0→1: Red Chuchu Jelly (qty. 3)
Upgrade 1→2: Red Chuchu Jelly (qty. 5), Warm Saffina (qty. 3)
Upgrade 2→3: Fire Keese Wing (qty. 5), Fire-Breath Lizalfos Tail (qty. 3), Sunshroom (qty. 5)
Snowquill Tunic
(C: -): Purchased in Rito Village.
Upgrades the same as the Snowquill Headdress.
Soldier set
Soldier's Armor
(C: -0267, 0637, -0035): In a hidden room accessible via Ascend from a tunnel beneath a rock accessible north of a Hinox lair accessed from a tunnel originating from the underground Lookout Landing shelter.
Upgrade 2→3: Lizalfos Tail (qty. 3), Hinox Guts (qty. 3), Flint (qty. 30)
Soldier's Greaves
(C: ?):
Upgrades same as Soldier's Armor
Stealth set
Stealth Mask
(C: -): Purchasable in Kakariko Village's Enchanted shop.
Upgrade 0→1: Blue Nightshade (qty. 3)
Upgrade 1→2: Blue Nightshade (qty. 5), Sunset Firefly (qty. 5)
Upgrade 2→3: Silent Shroom (qty. 8), Sneaky River Snail (qty. 5), Sticky Frog (qty. 5)
Stealth Chest Guard
(C: -): Purchasable in Kakariko Village's Enchanted shop.
Upgrades the same as the Stealth Mask
Stealth Tights
(C: -): Purchasable in Kakariko Village's Enchanted shop.
Upgrades the same as the Stealth Mask
Time set
Cap of Time
(C: -4078, 2800, -0450): Found in the Depths in Sturnida Lavafalls on a pillar next to a column of falling lava. Roughly ESE of Nupisoyuat Lightroot. Closest chasm is one on opposite side of Mount Rhoam from Tabantha Bridge Stable.
Upgrade 0→1: Amber (qty. 10), Star Fragment (qty. 1)
Upgrade 1→2: Amber (qty. 20), Star Fragment (qty. 1)
Upgrade 2→3: Amber (qty. 30), Star Fragment (qty. 1)
Upgrade 3→4: Amber (qty. 40), Star Fragment (qty. 1)
Trousers of Time
(C: -4180, -0697, -1121): Found in the Depths at the Gerudo Canyon Mine roughly below the Gerudo Highlands.
Upgrades the same as Cap of Time.
Tunic of Time
(C: ?):
Upgrades the same as Cap of Time.
Twilight set
Cap of Twilight
(C: 0263, 3124, -0623): Found in the Depths in the Gleeok Den below the Thyphlo Ruins.
Upgrade 0→1: Topaz (qty. 1), Star Fragment (qty. 1)
Tunic of Twilight
(C: 4516, 2169, -0454): Found in the Depths in the center of the Rist Mine below the spiral peninsula northeast of Tarrey Town.
Upgrades the same as the Cap of Twilight

Trousers of Twilight
(C: 3319, 1508, -0856): Found in the Depths in the Ancient Underground Fortress located below the Akkala Citadel Ruins.
Upgrades the same as the Cap of Twilight
Wind set
Cap of the Wind
(C: ?):
Upgrade 0→1: Opal (qty. 5), Star Fragment (qty. 1)
Upgrade 1→2: ?
Upgrade 2→3: Opal (qty. 15), Star Fragment (qty. 1)
Upgrade 3→4: ?
Tunic of the Wind
(C: ?):
Upgrades the same as the Cap of the Wind
Tunic of the Wind
(C: -3788, 1342, -0682): Found in Depths roughly below Rito Village.
Upgrades the same as the Cap of the Wind
Yiga set
Yiga Mask
(C: ?):
Upgrade 0→1: Octorok Eyeball (qty. 2)
Upgrade 1→2: Fire-Breath Lizalfos Tail (qty. 3), Puffshroom (qty. 3)
Upgrade 2→3: Ice-Breath Lizalfos Tail (qty. 5), Keese Eyeball (qty. 5)
Yiga Armor
(C: ?):
Upgrades same as Yiga Mask
Yiga Tights
(C: ?):
Upgrades same as Yiga Mask
Zonaite set
Zonaite Helm
(C: -3593, 0942, 1731): Found in the Tabantha Sky Archipelago in mirror shield puzzle.
Zonaite Shin Guards
(C: -4467, 2025, 1413): Adds "Energy Up" effect. Found in Sky Mine sphere puzzle involving launching blocks; activate ring switch on lowest cross-shaped island to start launchers.
Zonaite Waistguard
(C: 2373, -1775, 1489): Adds "Energy Up" effect. Found in the Zonaite Forge Island in the Necluda Sky Archipelago. Accessed by accessing the interior of a sealed building in which resides the Yansamin Shrine. Accessed via Ascend from above a lava pool.
Upgrade 1→2: Soldier Construct Horn (qty. 5)
Upgrade 2→3: Soldier Construct II Horn (qty. 5), Captain Construct I Horn (qty. 5), Zonaite (qty. 5)
Zora set
Zora Armor
(C: ?): Obtained near Zora's Domain in exchange for Ancient Arrowana fish.
Upgrade 1→2: Lizalfos Talon (qty. 5), Hyrule Bass (qty. 5)
Upgrade 2→3: Blue Lizalfos Horn (qty. 5), Lizalfos Tail (qty. 3), Hearty Bass (qty. 3)
Upgrade 3→4: Black Lizalfos Horn (qty. 5), Blue Lizalfos Tail (qty. 5), Opal (qty. 20)
X set
X set
X set
X set
Warding Dark Rice Ball
(Input: 1 dark clump, 1 Hylian Rice, 1 rock salt): Heals ♥♥, ♡ Gloom Resistance 4m30s.
(Input: 3 dark clump, 1 Hylian Rice, 1 rock salt): Heals ♥♥, ♡ Gloom Resistance 9m30s.


Horses can be upraded at the horse fairy in Akkala. The following abilities can be enhanced to certain levels by paying with certain meals:

  • Strength
    • Level 3
      • Copious Fried Wild Greens (qty 1)
  • Speed
    • Level 2
      • Salt-Grilled Greens (qty 1)
  • Stamina
    • Level 4
      • Honeyed Apple (qty 3)
      • Veggie Porridge (qty 3)
  • Pull
    • Level 3
      • Veggie Rice Balls (qty 1)


The race of people that resemble humans but with long pointed ears.
A race of people somewhat resembling Hylians in scale but with much smaller bodies. Usually antagonistic with Hyrule and its allies.
A race of people distantly resembling Hylians in body plan but much fewer in number and much larger in body size. Not noted for their intelligence. Usually antagonistic with Hyrule.
A race of people somewhat resembling Hylians in scale but with taller bodies resistant and adpatable to extreme environments. Usually antagonistic with the Zora and their ally of Hyrule.
A race of people with bodies partially resembling Hylians except also resembling horses and possessing superior intelligence and strength. Their bodies have six limbs, four of which resemble horse legs and two of which resemble Hylian arms. Usually antagonistic with Hyrule.
A race of people vaguely resembling Hylians but much taller and physically stronger. Usually antagonistic with Hyrule and allied with the Bokoblins.
A race of people somewhat resembling Hylians in scale but with bodies adapted for flight.
A race of people closely resembling Hylians except for their white hair.
A race of people resembling Hylians in scale but with bodies covered in fur and possessing a larger snout. As of Breath of the Wild, no living members of the race are known although various ruins may be found scattered across the Surface.
A race of people resembling Hylians but with bodies adapted for water and long life.


Upheaval, The
An event in which floating islands appeared across Hyrule and Chasms to a deep dark land opened up.



  • Finished the tutorial.


Found Robbie. Explored the Depths.


  • 13:53-07 (20:53+00): I unlocked the Death Mountain region tower. I made my way towards the Zora kingdom. I found a fashion-interested lady, Meeshy, who told me where clothing of power, climbing ability, and speed (?) were located (around Central Hyrule). Meeshy also noted that the Great Fairies are in retreat following the recent emergence of malice and appearance of the Sky islands.
  • (21:34+00): Saved Bazz, captain of guard of Zora's Domain at the Zora's Domain tower.
  • (22:09+00): Finished the Mogawak Shrine in Zora's Domain.
  • (23:40+00): Blundered my way around the Surface and Sky. Found the Temple of Time on the Great Plateau. The goddess statue says “I am trapped… under the water… behind the stone gate… of the great plateau…”.
  • (02:46+00): I helped Riju practice her lightning skills and helped drive out gidbods from Kara Kara Bazaar.
  • (05:14+00): After a walk and geting something to eat, I returned to Gerudo Town. I figured out how to get the bottle out of the Gerudo shelter well, but I'm not sure who to give the bottle to; a male Hylian, no doubt, but I'm not sure where they might be.


  • 17:31-07 (00:31+00): I defeated the Lightning Temple. The Gibdo Queen was difficult. I learned Zelda was in the Zonai past at the start of Hyrule. I received Riju's Vow which lets me summon a copy of her in battle. I gave Splashfruit to Patricia who gave me the number sequence -3888, -2972, 0033. They're most certainly coordinates.
  • (08:00+00): I explored Gerudo Town a bit; I found the Secret Club where voe clothing is sold. Then, I traveled north to activate a tower in the Gerudo Highlands.
  • (13:13+00): I beat the Hebra blizzard boss; it was a pretty fun aerial battle. Then, I traveled back to Lanayru to finish off Zora's Domain; I had started a few threads but got side tracked when I went to search for the Ancient fish. Now, I need to sleep.


  • 20:34-07 (03:34+00): I talked with Prince Sidon. I searched for King Dorephan in the Polymus Mountain Cave. I found a climbing bandana at (3714, 0494, 0310) after some tricky climbing.


  • 22:42-07 (05:42+00): I finished the Zora main quest and defeated the octorok boss in the sky; I did several times until I figured out the battle pattern; basically, a bit of Splatoon and remembering to use Sidon's shield / water attack ability. Now, I go wander for a bit, I think. Maybe follow up on Robbie and the Purah Pad stuff.
  • (06:36+00): I found an almost usable Travel Medallion that Robbie had in his old Sheikah tech lab. I also found a captured fashionista who gave me a Yiga clan torso outfit that gives a bonus to stealth.


  • 12:03-07 (19:03+00): I realized that Hestu is located at Lookout Landing in Hyrule Field. I paid Hestu for 2 bow slots (1, 2 seeds), 3 shield slots (1, 2, 3 seeds), and 3 weapon slots (1, 2, 3 seeds).
  • (22:38+00): Finished mapping the Surface. Found a Fairy Fountain northwestish of Hyrule Field but I need a horn; the Woodland Stable seems to be where I need to go for a climbing gear item as well as a horn to wake up the Great Fairies from their seed things. I found Barbarian armor at 06:30, 0818, 0027.
  • (02:39+00): I finished for today. I got the Purah Pad upgraded all at once; getting all 15 towers unlocked and scanning 5 different monsters allowed me to get all the upgrades. They are the "Sensor+" to detect all items as well as shrines, "Hero's Journey" to see my past travels, and "Travel Medallion" (up to 3 teleport slots).
  • (10:59+00): I made my way to Master Kohga's base below Gerudo Town in the Depths. I figured out that the elevation map of the Depths is basically inverted from the Surface elevation map; rivers are impassable walls while mountain peaks are now deep pits. There are various exceptions to make the relationship not too obvious when only a portion of the Depths is explored, but now that I've mapped a significant fraction, the trend is obvious. I'm going to bed; I've been at this for some time and I need some rest.


  • 12:25-07 (19:25+00): I beat the second Kohga instance. I got 4 more energy cell capacity upgrades (currently have 5 upgrades for a total energy capacity of 8). I traded 5 korok seeds for a 13th weapon slot.
  • (03:29+00): I explored the western and northern borders of the Depths. Taking a break now.
  • (07:27+00): Got flame proof armor after finally deciding to explore around Death Mountain and Goron City. Ran into the monster brigade near Death Mountain. Next, they'll be at the Akkala span.


  • 23:20-07 (06:20+00): Earlier, I watched Rykukatei play a bit of TotK. I explored a bit of the Depths beneath Hyrule Castle and found various high level enemies with good loot (1 Lynel, various Lizalfos, a hand grabby gloom thing, and Phantom Ganon). I found the endeavor a bit too difficult so I returned to the Surface and exchanged 4 korok seeds for an 8th shield slot. I exchanged 3 korok seeds for an 8th bow slot.
    • Hoz's squad is hunting monsters in Hyrule Field south of Lookout Landing.
    • Toren's squad is at Akkala Span.
    • Flaxel's squad is in Faron at a pirate ship on the Menoat River to the south of Lake Hylia located south of Highland Stable.
  • (09:00+00): I defeated a Phantom Ganon below the Great Deku Tree. Hestu returned to the Lost Woods; I traded 5 korok seeds in for a 9th shield slot.


  • 13:17-07 (20:17+00): Found Tarry Town.
  • (13:16+00): Finished getting the Yiga Clan armor set; the last piece was on the Great Plateau in a place I had overlooked since I had assumed it was just the BotW old man's hut. I've illuminated over 75% of the Depths; just some areas around Kakariko Village are left.


  • 27:52-07 (10:52+00): I found several memories. I finished Typhlo Ruins; it was a bit of lore talking about Rauru and several loads of gems and a Dusk Claymore. At this point, the memories are more interesting.
  • (16:41+00): I beat the game. I had been finding all the memories from the geoglyphs; the final memory convinced me that the main quest had waited long enough; I had to confront the end of the game.


  • I watched Rykukatei play TotK via Discord. I learned how to make an air bike with two fans and a control stand.


  • 01:07-07 (08:07+00): I found a cave southeast of Goron City with lots of chests. It says to return here after I "Don the form of the Fierce Deity" with "three keys".
    • "One beneath the bedshamber of Akkala's red-crowned citadel"
    • "One in the skull's left eye"
    • "One in an old stump on Hyrule Field"
  • (08:11+00): Domidak told me: "I discovered the green clothes of a man who admired fairies and have hidden them awy. Solve my riddle to find them anew."
    • "In West Necluda stand twins poised to duel. Each contains a cavern that faces the other. Show the ltitle twin's sign to the big twin to open the door to my treasure."
    • "I discovered the green clothes of a man... anew. A forgotten pirate cavern lurks at the foot of Cape Cales, overlooking the Necluda Sea. The short, shrill song of wind through lips will open the way to my treasure."
    • "I discovered the green clothes of a man... anew. Statues of the eight heroines reside in the desert. Enter the valley carved into Hemaar's Descent and shine the light of day upon the towering eighth. The path to the treasure will open before you."
  • (14:19+00): Found a marker below ground near Hyrule Castle (C: -0253, 0767, 0028) that reads:

Deep beneath this land, our mighty first ruler imprisoned the Demon King. To ensure the king's magic would hold, we erected a castle here to protect this sacred site. Without the castle in place, the site may be disturbed, allowing the Demon King's hatred and rage to be revived. The preservation of this castle is therefore tied to the prosperity of the kingdom. May it watch over an eternal peace.


  • (14:34+00): Flew into the storm above Faron and found a shrine by accident. It happened to lead to the Spirit Temple. I got the 5th sage, Mineru.


  • 26:55-07 (09:55+00): Unlocked last 2 Great Fairies. Noted clothing upgrade requirements.


  • 28:05-07 (12:05+00): I finished playing some TotK. I got the Sheikah set.


  • 10:17-07 (17:17+00): I got a 15th and 16th weapon slots for 15 korok seeds and 17 korok seeds. I got a 9th and 10th bow slots for 5 and 8 korok seeds. I got a 10th shield slot for 10 korok seeds.


  • 17:22-07 (12:22+00): I flew around the Hebra region looking for shrines and treasure chests. I am having difficulty with the The Duchess Who Disappeared side quest; I can't figure out where Selmie went.
  • (17:08+00): I paid Hestu 10 korok seeds for an 11th shield slot.


  • 18:43-07 (01:43+00): I cleared more Surface shrines and finished the northern labyrinth.


  • (10:19+00): I upgraded a weapon slot for 25 seeds. I upgraded another weapon slot for 35 seeds.

Useful Unicode points

Unicode points relevant to Tears of the Kingdom
Code Point Example Description
U+2661 White Heart Suit (gloom heart)
U+2665 Black Heart Suit (normal heart)
Example Example Example


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