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Dietrich Sonntag (1927-06-23/2018-01-01) was a scientist who published several notable papers in the field of hygrometry. He was a leading member of the German Meteorological Society.[1][2][3].



Baltakatei history

  • 2021-09-14: EVA-2020-02: I purchased and downloaded a copy of the English translation of Sonntag's 1994 paper “Advancements in the field of hygrometry“ (de: “Fortschritte in der Hygrometrie”).[1] I wrote a Python3 implementation of Sonntag's equations for calculating absolute humidity from temperature, pressure, and relative humidity.[4]
  • 2023-06-17: I looked up Sonntag's epitaph written by Thomas Foken and published in a 2018 issue of Mitteilungen DMG (en: “Communications of the German Meteorological Society”) and referenced in a 2021 paper by Olaf Hellmuth about humid air density calculations.[2]

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