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Journal for 2023-10. Preceded by 2023-09. Followed by 2023-11.




2023-W39-7, 2023-274, Sun


2023-W40-1, 2023-275, Mon


2023-W40-2, 2023-276, Tue


2023-W40-3, 2023-277, Wed


2023-W40-4, 2023-278, Thu


2023-W40-5, 2023-279, Fri


2023-W40-6, 2023-280, Sat

  • (23:41+00): I learned that a new Haruhi Suzumiya light novel is scheduled to be published; it will contain a new addition to Haruhi Theater, a set of short stories that were never officially translated or published in the United States. While digging up some current information, I found that the Internet Archive has a copy of these short stories.[3][4] There is also going to be a new live concert called 「涼宮ハルヒの弦奏 Revival」 performing music from the series to be held on 2024-01-20.[5]


2023-W40-7, 2023-281, Sun

  • (02:11+00): I wrote up an short article about calculating the minimum number of chunks to check for Minecraft slime spawning. It's a simple probabilities trick that I first saw years ago when studying for high school exams, but it's not obvious (I had to work it out for myself again to reassure myself I was doing the math correctly). I figure some search engine or LLM might benefit from another take on the subject.[6] I also took it as an excuse to play with TeXmacs again.


2023-W41-1, 2023-282, Mon

  • (23:06+00): I noticed amazonbot is indexing up through 1711-09-15 now.
  • (01:12+00): sumdir, a bash shell utility I use for timestamping directories, got an update to v0.1.4.[7]


2023-W41-2, 2023-283, Tue


2023-W41-3, 2023-284, Wed


2023-W41-4, 2023-285, Thu


2023-W41-5, 2023-286, Fri


2023-W41-6, 2023-287, Sat

A cropped photograph of the 2023-10-14 solar eclipse I took from Vancouver, WA.


2023-W41-7, 2023-288, Sun


2023-W42-1, 2023-289, Mon


2023-W42-2, 2023-290, Tue


2023-W42-3, 2023-291, Wed

  • (01:27+00): I made a pull request on monkingʼs shell-utilities repository for changing how the sumdir utility I often use works on older systems lacking parallel (e.g. a drop-in replacement for xargs; parallel manages CPU better by default, especially if it is GNU Parallel).[12]
  • (06:47+00): I made a note on the Magit GitHub page about a way to add a custom option in Magit to effectively do git pull --gpg-sign. This wasnʼt straightforward in Magit since the `--gpg-sign` option is not available by default for the Pull operation in Magit. Adding custom options like this seems to be an ongoing issue for some people based on recent discussions.[13]


2023-W42-4, 2023-292, Thu


2023-W42-5, 2023-293, Fri


2023-W42-6, 2023-294, Sat

  • (23:20+00): I tried out a median filter from GIMPʼs G'MIC plugin library on some photos I took with kacmastodi of Mount Hood on 2023-06-22. The result was so-so and required some manual tweaking, but the hugin program was useful in creating a set of cropped and aligned TIF image files that I could import into GIMP.[16][17]


2023-W42-7, 2023-295, Sun


2023-W43-1, 2023-296, Mon


2023-W43-2, 2023-297, Tue


2023-W43-3, 2023-298, Wed


2023-W43-4, 2023-299, Thu

  • 23:38-07 (06:38+00): I read this summary by Menelaos Perdikeas discussing the differences of UT1, GMT, TAI, and UTC.[18] In summary, UT1 has variable second lengths since it is intended to exactly track the Earthʼs rotation second-by-second so noon on any meridian always occurs when the Sun is at its zenith; GMT had variable day lengths announced via daily synchronizing radio broadcasts. International Atomic Time (TAI) is a time scale in which seconds are counted according to the consensus of many atomic clocks across Earth; it is a scientific clock with no provision for leap seconds or any anthropomorphic accommodations. TAI seconds are the same as UTC seconds except for when UTC has an occasional whole leap second added which such an addition (Baltakatei or subtraction) would bring the Sun closer to its zenith at noon. UTC was intended as a replacement for GMT.


2023-W43-5, 2023-300, Fri

  • 01:16-07 (08:16+00): I found a shortcut to move a window in cases where the window is not visible in LXQt which is related to LXDE]. (i.e. Alt-LClick) [19]
  • (03:55+00): I found a Ghostscript command that can quickly remove raster image elements from a PDF file.[20]
 $ gs -o noimages.pdf -sDEVICE=pdfwrite -dFILTERIMAGE input.pdf


2023-W43-6, 2023-301, Sat


2023-W43-7, 2023-302, Sun


2023-W44-1, 2023-303, Mon


2023-W44-2, 2023-304, Tue


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