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Journal for 2023-07. Preceded by 2023-06. Followed by 2023-08.




2023-W26-6, 2023-182, Sat


2023-W26-7, 2023-183, Sun


2023-W27-1, 2023-184, Mon

  • Event: Full moon.


2023-W27-2, 2023-185, Tue


2023-W27-3, 2023-186, Wed


2023-W27-4, 2023-187, Thu


2023-W27-5, 2023-188, Fri

2023-07-07: Tanabata tanzaku at the Portland Japanese Garden. Image by Baltakatei / 🅭🅯🄎 4.0.


2023-W27-6, 2023-189, Sat


2023-W27-7, 2023-190, Sun

2020-07-11: An image of the South Pole Wall. Image Copyright 2020 Daniel Pomarède / CEA.
  • 00:45-07 (07:45+00): I published a comment on sopuli.xyz about a 3D map of the Lanikea Supercluster and its position in relation to the South Pole Wall. I then did a reverse image search and found that a copy of a similar image had been uploaded to Wikimedia Commons here. I dove into the CEA IRFU website and found this article published on 2020-07-11 talking about an article authored by Daniel Pomarède that uses the image in question among others. I couldn't find an indication that Pomarède's images were published under a 🅭🅯🄎 4.0 license as indicated by the Wikimedia Commons image page so I sent an email to Pomarède asking if he could release the images under CC BY-SA 4.0. At the very least I'd like to communicate my interest and the interest of others regarding the 3D map.
  • (08:04+00): I noted the details of the paper by Pomarède on the South Pole Wall and a CEA article containing images about the research.[2][3]
  • (01:28+00): I posted a summary of my impression of the first episode of The Gene of AI (AI no Idenshi). I summarized it as “transhuman-quandary-of-the-week”.


2023-W28-1, 2023-191, Mon


2023-W28-2, 2023-192, Tue


2023-W28-3, 2023-193, Wed


2023-W28-4, 2023-194, Thu


2023-W28-5, 2023-195, Fri


2023-W28-6, 2023-196, Sat


2023-W28-7, 2023-197, Sun


2023-W29-1, 2023-198, Mon


2023-W29-2, 2023-199, Tue


2023-W29-3, 2023-200, Wed


2023-W29-4, 2023-201, Thu


2023-W29-5, 2023-202, Fri

  • 09:55-07 (16:55+00): I made a toot about Mork, an undocumented data storage format written by Netscape Navigator engineer David McCusker that continues to be used in 2023 to store Thunderbirdʼs email message index and address book data. Morkʼs death should coincide with the closing of this (currently) 24-year-old bug report.[8]


2023-W29-6, 2023-203, Sat


2023-W29-7, 2023-204, Sun

  • 05:25-07 (12:25+00): I identified a source for HTML entities (e.g. &lt; which encodes <) as defined by the HTML standard maintained by the WHATWG.[9]


2023-W30-1, 2023-205, Mon


2023-W30-2, 2023-206, Tue


2023-W30-3, 2023-207, Wed


2023-W30-4, 2023-208, Thu


2023-W30-5, 2023-209, Fri


2023-W30-6, 2023-210, Sat


2023-W30-7, 2023-211, Sun


2023-W31-1, 2023-212, Mon


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